Rethink Your Workout

Rethink Your Workout

Boredom, dread and avoidance are all signs it’s time to rethink your workout. If you’re bored with a workout, an easy fix is to mix it up a bit and try something new. There are all types of ways to exercise and you may be using only one or two of them. It’s time to expand your horizons and learn something new. Adding something as simple as a wooden box to your workout can get your creative juices flowing. You can do steps on the box, dance around it, fill it with weight and lift it or put the cat in it and dance around, watching the cat’s eyes grow big as you do. Getting creative can add more enjoyment and leave you far less bored.

Challenge yourself.

Workouts should be fun and challenging. If you set a huge goal and work toward it, it can get your juices flowing. Nothing succeeds like success and nothing is more fun than working toward that success. Your goals don’t have to be related to losing weight or lifting more, they could be something silly, like doing a specific number of push-ups in less than five minutes or doing a handstand. You can add to your workout enjoyment with a challenging program.

Tracking your progress makes a difference.

If you don’t know how much progress you’ve made or how little, it can make a workout an exercise in futility. Winners keep score. While you might track your weight or the number of reps you do, consider tracking other things, too. For instance, if you have a heart monitor you can track how fast you get your heart up the target rate and see if you can extend it each time you workout.

Get a buddy.

Working out alone can be a drag, but it’s the way most people exercise. When you were a child, you probably ran and played with neighborhood kids and set your heart to thumping. It’s easier to exercise when you have someone to talk to or challenge while you’re doing it. Workout with a friend at least once a week and see if you don’t push yourself a little more in between sessions to get a leg–arm or body—up on the friend for the next session. Everyone has a competitive side and working out with a buddy can make it emerge.

Try a boot camp. Boot camps offer another alternative for working out. It also can be a great deal of fun and provide a lot of comradery.

A few sessions with a personal trainer can break the monotony. You can sign up with a friend for semi-private sessions or a few private sessions each month if money is an issue. You’ll learn new ways to make working out far more enjoyable.

Focus on each muscle group while you workout. See if you can identify each small or large muscle you’re using for an exercise, then see if you can get it to work independently on command. You’ll be amazed at how rewarding it is to be in command of each muscle.

Switch out a workout for an active sport. If you love swimming, substitute it once in a while for a workout. The same is true for bike riding or other active pastime. You’re still getting exercise but also breaking the monotony.

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