My Story

I HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE: Overweight an unhappy. At one time I even let myself get near 240 lbs. My whole life I have struggled with weight issues. I am *NOT* what you would call genetically gifted when it comes to being lean. If there is an opposite to gifted, then I am that. Here is a photo of me working long hours with no time to workout… at least that was my excuse. Here I am later after only a few months later at a lean 205 !



You see, I understand that you may feel like you don’t have much time and that’s why I’ve created a program to get you in and out and give you fast lasting fat loss and body toning results. Each workout lasts only 45 minutes yet delivers the goods when other programs lasting several times longer cannot. This is a no-nonsense approach that uses the latest fat loss techniques to give you the body and health of your dreams ; and I guarantee it!

You’ll work hard during every workout. This will be challenging BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE . You will sweat – a lot , but I promise you that you’ll LOVE it because every workout is accomplished in a fun, motivating and supportive atmosphere ! Do not postpone getting a toned, tight body for another day.