Is Bootcamp Really Fun?


If you’ve ever considered bootcamp, but wasn’t sure whether you’d enjoy it, you need to look more closely. It all depends on the boot camp and whether the personal trainer wants it to be fun. I like people having fun while they workout hard. It makes the hard work seem easier and the participants want to come back the next day for more. You don’t take pounds off quicker or get buff faster by being a sour puss and laughter also exercises muscles and improves your health.

There’s plenty of comradery at a boot camp.

I love watching the individuals at boot camp start forming a cohesive group as each person struggles to achieve his or her goals. Everyone knows how difficult achieving those goals can be, so there’s plenty of empathy for someone struggling and even applause for successes. Lots of times I hear the group cheering each other on to success. Not only do I provide motivation, the rest of the group does also.

Sometimes there’s friendly competition.

It all depends on the group whether you end up having competition among members. Lots of times competitive people seek each other out and push each other toward greatness with their friendly rivalry. It becomes more like a sport than a grueling workout and competitive people find they love challenging one another. That spells fun and excitement for those who love a challenge.

You’ll make lifelong friends.

The group gets pretty close after several weeks, since it’s the same group each session. Some make friends that last beyond the boot camp and even find workout buddies for later. The group learns exercises that don’t require a lot of equipment so they can do them at home later. Some want to get more of an edge and even workout on days they don’t attend boot camp.

Success is one of the biggest motivators and one of the reasons that boot camp is so popular and even fun. Each person in the group knows he or she will end up successfully achieving the goals that person wanted to achieve.

No matter how hard it is, when exercise becomes a game, you don’t notice the difficulty working out and feel fantastic when the session ends. As you watch your body tone and your weight drop, you’ll feel the sense of accomplishment that will keep you going.

You’ll burn off stress hormones at boot camp and the workout will stimulate your brain to send out hormones that make you feel good.

You’ll never be bored at my boot camps. I vary the workouts to make each session unique and interesting.

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