Get A Game Plan

game planIf you want to get back into shape, you need to get a game plan. The game plan needs to have a starting point, an ultimate goal and a map or plan of action on how to reach that goal. It’s just like any journey you might take. In order to identify your starting point, you need to identify your level of fitness, weight and even measurements. If you work with a personal trainer, he or she will first find your fitness level, including any weaker muscle groups, discuss your ultimate goal and find out if you have any special needs. The trainer then formulate the map or plan to help you get there.

You need to set attainable goals. Your plan may be small steps to a larger goal.

If your ultimate goal is to lose 100 pounds, it can look overwhelming. Instead of trying to achieve that as one goal, you need to break it up to several mini-goals that are easier to achieve and give you a feeling of accomplishment. Maybe your smaller goal is to lose ten to twenty pounds. That’s more achievable and can be the basis for a game plan.

Just wishing and hoping won’t make it so.

No matter how much positive thought you put into your exercise or weight loss program, if you don’t move off the couch, it’s just wishful thinking. While there are stories about prisoners of war maintaining golf skills by mentally playing golf and world renown athletes practicing in their heads, that just keeps up skill levels and eye hand coordination, not burn calories or help you become fitter. If you have a plan of action, you need to follow it.

Make adjustments as you go.

Nothing is static in this world. Everything changes and so will your body the more you exercise. You need to make adjustments to your plan as you become fitter. That’s one of the benefits of using a personal trainer or tracking your progress, you tweak it to maximize benefits as your fitness level increases to adjust for the improvement.

You’ll get a sense of personal achievement when you follow your plan and see results.

You’ll find many other benefits come from following fitness goals. One is an improved self-image.

Following a fitness plan can help you tackle other troublesome problems in your life or help you make valuable improvements. You simply need to follow a similar process.

Having an actual written plan can help you stay on course. When you feel like wavering, you simply look at it to remind yourself of your ultimate goals.

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