Are You Bored With Cardio

Are You Bored with Cardio

Are you bored with cardio? If you’re running on a treadmill for hours on end or riding the stationary bike to nowhere, it’s no wonder your bored. Cardio exercises can be fun, but only if you change it up a notch and let them be that way. Cardio exercises are a way of getting your heart to thump faster and build your endurance. There are so many ways to accomplish that goal it’s a shame not to explore them all and put some fun back into your workout.

Make a dash through daily tasks.

Have you ever wondered whether you could work out, without working out? Just to add a bit of fun to your life and maybe even increase free time, try putting a workout zing to your daily chores. Don’t walk the garbage out to the side of the road, run with it, as though it’s a bag of bees ready to sting. Park at the edge of the grocery parking lot and run into the store. Don’t use a cart to carry the groceries back out if you can help it, but sling several plastic bags over each arm and move rapidly back toward your car. Even better than that, put on a backpack and ride your bike to the store.

Consider high intensity interval training.

High intensity interval training is also known as burst training. You max out the intensity and get your heart pumping rapidly for a short period, following it with a slightly longer period of less strenuous exercise, then start the high intensity exercise again. It keeps your body on alert and can burn a lot of calories. It also gives you valuable cardio training in a shorter period.

Workout with a group to add to the fun.

There’s a reason boot camps are so popular. It’s because they break the monotony of working out alone and add fun to your fitness program. That doesn’t mean boot camps are easy, just because they’re fun. Boot camps are just as physically challenging as individual workouts or working privately with a personal trainer, because trainers lead boot camps. The comradery adds to the fun and sometimes a little friendly competition can make exercising even more enjoyable.

You can improve your cardio strength at home by taking every opportunity to do that. Put on some dance music an boogie down. Intimate relations can also get your blood pumping and be extremely heart healthy.

If you’re working out on your own and find the cardio training a real snooze, secure the services of a personal trainer to take it up a notch and break the monotony. Even just a few sessions with a trainer can give you some ideas to make your workout more enjoyable.

Start a family fun night. Playing with the kids, whether it’s basketball, racing, bike riding, swimming or baseball, can help your children become fitter, provide great family time, give you a cardio workout and become a memory both child and parent cherish. Find ways to make it part of your workout.

Workout with a buddy. You don’t have to go to a boot camp to get the pleasure of working out with another person. Get a cardio buddy and workout. Afterward, make sure you have a healthy drink ready that replenishes electrolytes and a snack, such as fruit, available.

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