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Terrance Sheppard
Vertical Image Fitness llc

Dear Friend:

● Does it seem like you’re out of time and energy for exercising?
● Have you tried diets and infomercial products without ever seeing results?
● Does personal training seem inaccessible because of its price tag?
● Are you ready to lose weight, tone up and be healthy with a proven no-nonsense approach to fitness with permanent results?

My name is Terrance Sheppard, and I understand how difficult it is to be overweight, and unhappy. I’ve struggled with weight issues for my entire life, and fitness never came easy for me.

There were points where I gave up entirely. Busy with work, I stopped exercising and ballooned in weight. I knew I needed to change, and I discovered that the right workouts can actually be quick, fun and fit into anyone’s routine. Within a month I was in better shape than ever. Now it’s your turn to experience those same amazing results.

My approach based on scientific research , gets you in and out of the gym in just 30 minutes, while delivering fantastic fat burning, weight loss and toning. You will be challenged, you will sweat, and you will work hard. But you can and will see amazing results, and finally reach all of your fitness goals. I guarantee it.

● Burn excess fat and tone your belly, arms and legs
● Benefit from amazingly quick and efficient 30 minute workouts
● Look and feel younger, with more energy and self-confidence

    Testimonial Picture of Ambreen M. (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Ambreen M. (2)

    Heading to the local 24 Hr Fitness just wasn’t cutting it. The weight just went no where.    Product after product and “challenge” after challenge . Finally I found something that worked for me and my lifestyle. I lost 34 lbs and they taught me how to maintain it on my own . Thanks for all the support!

    Ambreen M.
    Testimonial Picture of Candace Goodwin (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Candace Goodwin (2)

    My experience at Vertical Image has been better than I ever expected . Terrance’s knowledge and professionalism has been exceptional. I have not only lost weight but my stamina,energy and strength has greatly improved. I recommend Vertical Image to anyone wanting a healthier lifestyle .  

    Candace Goodwin
    Testimonial Picture of Kristi E. (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Kristi E. (2)

    Amazing , Thats the only way to describe this place. The workouts fun, challenging and always different . Im not the  “big gym” scene type and this was just perfect  for me . Get to it and get on with your day .  I’m more fit and confident than ever before . If you’ve been on the fence about joining go ahead and take the plunge ! It’s worth it

    Kristi E.
    Testimonial Picture of Talmadge James (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Talmadge James (2)

    First of all, I’d like to say Thank You to Vertical Image for your flyer. I received an invitation flyer in the mail January 2014, around that time, I was feeling sluggish and out of shape, even depressed with how I was looking in my clothes. I always dreamed of having a personal trainer…someone to show me how to work out effectively, push me as hard as I needed and encourage me. I found all of that when I met with Terrance Shepard, the owner of Vertical Image. I made the call and met with him for a consultation. I weighed in and signed up to get started. I was a little concerned about the cost of hiring a personal trainer but I was convinced that I needed to do it for me.That flyer from Vertical Image promised I’d ”get back into my skinny jeans” and get my sexy back in 30 days or my money back….they delivered and I am forever grateful for them.Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 months into the program and  had to take aggressive action to combat the cancer. I was out of commission for a while and a lot of my hard work was being effected. The good news is that I came back after a few months to pick back up with my progress. It felt good to be back with the team at Vertical Image. They are an awesome team and provide you with the tools and resources to assist you in obtaining your transformation goals. I recommend Vertical Image to anyone serious about getting into shape for life.

    Talmadge James
    Testimonial Picture of Tamika Jenkins (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Tamika Jenkins (2)

    Vertical Image is the starting point when seeking a healthier lifestyle ! No time is wasted , really good workouts and they keep you motivated when your’e not feeling your best.

    Tamika Jenkins

Achieve Twice the Results in Half the Time

Vertical Image Personal Training

● Quick, challenging & effective 30 minute workouts modified to your fitness level.
● Lose weight and boost metabolism by 40-60% to keep the weight off!
● State of the art facility
● Achieve rapid results & avoid plateaus
● “Afterburn” metabolic workouts continue burning calories when you’re out of the gym
● Personalized coaching, motivation & support not just access to machines .
● Customized Meal plans & grocery lists
● Mandatory  weigh-ins and progress checks
● Weekly newsletters with tips & ideas
● 17 years of experience and thousands of success stories
● Twice the results in half the time, or it’s free!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Sign up today and take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee. We can help you achieve twice the results
in half the time – guaranteed, or it’s all free.

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Even if it seems like you’ve exhausted all of your options, or you yourself are simply too exhausted, we can still help. Even if it seems like you don’t have enough time or energy, you can still get into great shape.

With Vertical Image, your workouts will be quick, fun and effective. In and out of the gym in just 30 minutes! You’ll push past plateaus and achieve all of your goals, with the motivation and personalized instruction, our unique, proven approach, state of the art equipment, and so much more.

Stop the cycle of tomorrow. It’s time to take action today. You can change your life and unlock the toned, tight body you’ve always wanted when you take that all-important first step right now.

committed to your success ,

Terrance Sheppard
Vertical Image LLC

PS. With our money back guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk to getting started. Take control, and utilize our proven approach to fitness to finally succeed with weight loss once and for all.

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This program is for anyone who wants to lose 4-8 inches from their waist and anywhere from 12-30 pounds in the next few weeks. I have created a fast and effective workout (only 45 minutes) that is customized to accommodate any fitness level from absolute beginner to season workout vet.


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